Obama The AntiChrist? – (PART 3)

"And I beheld Satan as BARAK O’BAMAH – Lightning fall from heaven." – the exact own words of Jesus, spoken in the Hebrew. The Son of Perdition: Barack Hussein Obama. This video shows Obama for who he truly is, as well as the mark he is about to bring to all who follow him (666) the Mark of the Beast. __________________________________________ PART 1: www.youtube.com PART 2: www.youtube.com PART 3: www.youtube.com PART 4: PART 5: __________________________________________ FULL CREDIT GOES TO JONATHAN KLECK & CLAY EUDALY www.youtube.com *Video has been edited and shortened into smaller parts for those wishing to share this information with others. Thanks to Scrawny2brawny www.youtube.com Watch the full video here: PART 1: www.youtube.com PART 2: www.youtube.com God Bless!

Source: YouTube

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