shocking Interview Obama Does Not Want You to See from1/23/13 will you kill your own countrymen ?

BE it known to all police and military men and woman from boarder to boarder and from coast to coast now is the time like never before to wage an all out and very urgent information war against the new world order as well as the evil that is in control of this countrys white house senate and congress. be it known on this day to be crystall clear as to the illuminati controlled new world order is planning and looking for a means in which they can cause an effect against this countrys people to strip finally once and for all the last remaining pieces of our freedoms and rights and our gun’s thy are trying in fact working overtime to force us to force their hand into starting a civil war against us with the help of those forgine troops currently in this country who are here to fill in for those who will not kill us citizens and take our guns . because of this it is of exstream inportance to get this video out to every military service man and woman world wide stationed all over the world to let them know the danger lurking on the horizen for their families and loved ones .we need to work over time to get this word out to show this country what will soon happen if we do not take action against our representatives .fema camps are real forced labor camps are real torture is real the NDAA IS VERY REAL AND OBAMA BEST WEAPON AGAINST TRUE PATRIOTS .TELL EVERY ONE .IT;S TIME TO BUY ARMS REGUARDLES OF WHAT EVER ILLEGAL BILL CONGRESS PASSES .AS PAUL REVEER ONCE SAID ONE DARK EVENING <b>…</b>

Source: YouTube

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