Two New York firefighters shot dead after attending house fire !!!

Two firefighters were shot when a gunman opened fire with an assault rifle, according to American newspapers, with another two injured. They had been responding to an emergency call to a house fire at around 5.45am this morning, in the town of Webster, in upstate New York. Early reports coming out of the area suggested the gunman could still be on the loose, after what was originally described as a "routine call-out". The police chief in a New York State town has confirmed that four firefighters were shot, with an "active shooter" no longer at the scene. Chief Gerald Pickering said "one or more shooters" fired at the firefighters on Monday morning. The deaths come just days after the shooting of 26 people, including school children aged just six, at Sandy Hook, Connecticut. Rob Boutillier, fire marshal in the town of Webster, told reporters the authorities believe the firefighters were shot shortly after getting out of their vehicles. SWAT teams have evacuated homes in the area, as firefighters were forced to wait until the area was secure before battling the blaze. The fire is now believed to have engulfed three homes. Injured firefighters were treated at the Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York, officials confirmed. The news will reignite the debate on gun control in the US, after campaigners called for stricter laws to prevent mass shootings such as the tragedy at Sandy Hook. This week, the National Rifle Association have argued for guns in every school in <b>…</b>

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