Facing a critical point, Chinese people are concerned about the US Election

Follow us on TWITTER: twitter.com Like us on FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com The 2012 US presidential election is in full swing. The two presidential candidates, Obama and Romney, performed exciting televised debates, striving to win more voters’ support. This spectacular event also attracted a large amount of attention from the Chinese public. However, compared with American voting, the 18th National Congress of the CCP, simultaneously held in November, is a black box kept away from ordinary Chinese people. Please see at the following reports. With the US Presidential Election Day approaching on November 6, tension is mounting between US President Barack Obama and his challenger, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. On October 3 and 16, they carried out two televised debates. The opinion polls, released by the Gallup poll, showed that most Americans believe Republican Mitt Romney won the first debate, while Democrat Barack Obama won the second debate. After the second intense debate, Obama took his Presidential campaign to New Hampshire and other areas. However, Romney didn’t arrange for other public activities except attending a charity fund-raising activity on the 18th, which Obama also attended. It’s said that Romney is preparing for the last televised debate in Florida on the 22nd. Gallup analyzed that the results of the second debate might be an important reference for the election. The latest polls show that Obama’s lead is gradually narrowing. 46% of voters say they <b>…</b>

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