The New World Trade Center

This video is a Timelapse of the World Trade Center till the completion…. WTC Construction Update as of June 2012 4 World Trade Center Structural steel is now above the 72nd floor, with concrete being poured above the 67th floor. The curtain wall installation, which began in late April 2011, has reached the 66th floor. Both the above and below-grade mechanical work is advancing. Installation of the stone finishes on the walls of the commercial lobby and elevator banks is nearing completion. In addition, the fireproofing and masonry is underway along with the building’s elevator shafts and cab installations. Two cranes are now active on the site. A top out celebration was held on Monday, June 25. 3 World Trade Center The installation of the massive above grade structural steel columns and beams has begun on the southern side of 3 WTC. Erecting forms, rebar and concrete placement for decks and walls is proceeding, as is the below grade utilities installation. The sub-grade steel superstructure work has been active since April 2011 and now the tower’s lower podium will reach seven stories in height by late summer 2012. 2 World Trade Center Work at 2 World Trade Center includes setting superstructure steel and installing form work and rebar. Back of house mechanical spaces are being fit out and completed. As of late spring 2012, the 2 WTC structure is nearing its completion to grade milestone and has the option of full construction pending real-estate market conditions. 1 <b>…</b>

Source: YouTube

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