Colorado SHOOTING Unveiled- a film by KijaniAmariAK

This film short film produced by KijaniAmariAK explores the mass shooting that took place at the Batman premier in Colorado by which happens to have all the looks of a staged event. Government has done evil things before to advance their evil agenda. Obama and Hillary Clinton are planning on signing a gun control treaty at the UN in several days. How convenient to have this crisis. Obama’s administration is on record as saying "Why let a good crisis go to waste?" I’m sorry for the people and families suffering because of this evil. Whether this horrific thing was staged or not, the country is under God’s judgement. We all as individuals need to examine ourselves and get right with God. His mercy is running out. Original source from KijaniAmariAK: "Satanism in hip hop the Lil Wayne SKELETONS inTHEATER/Dark KNIGHT Rises MASSACRE" Subscribe to his channel here:

Source: YouTube

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