I know…I know… all the Video libraries in the world could not hold them all. Well, we’ve got the COMPLETE most comprehensive list ever assembled. Wny? Well, ask yourself this – How many people in the USA remember when President Bush called the internet the internetS? Or when Sarah Palin wrote on her hands? But, how many people in the USA remember when Barack Obama congratulated the Miami HeatS? Or, when he called the place where his supposed ‘favorite’ team played baseball ComINSKEY Field when it’s actually Comiskey Park. That’s why. Here’s the Reference List – Just click on the link to be transported to the Video! Obama calls Comiskey PARK ‘ComiNSKEY Field" www.youtube.com 0:31 Mark Obama Claims 10000 Died in Kansas Wiping out an Entire Town (It was actually TWELVE People) www.youtube.com Obama calls Penn State NITANY lions the NITALLY Lions www.youtube.com Obama says his parents got together and had him because of the Selma Ala Civil Rights March of 1965 (Barack was born in 1961.) www.youtube.com Obama’s uncle liberated Auschwitz (It was Stalin’s Red Army, not the Americans who liberated Auschwitz) www.youtube.com Obama my Muslim Faith www.youtube.com Obama confuses paraMEDICS with paraLEGALS www.youtube.com Obama confuses breathalyzers and inhalators with the ACTUAL word – INHALER www.youtube.com Obama I don’t know what the term is in ‘Austrian’ (No Such Language.) www.youtube.com "The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree" Obama makes it an ACORN! www.youtube.com <b>…</b>

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