A Wounded Warrior Embraces the New Normal: Part Three

Editorial Note: This is the third in a three part part series (Part One and Part Two) on Master Sergeant (retired) Jeffrey Mittman and his journey from being wounded in Iraq to his employment with the Department of Defense and includes a forward by Major (ret) Arturo R. Murguia.

Today, we close out our series on Army Master Sergeant (ret) Jeffrey Mittman. While we focused on Jeff and his story, there are hundreds of “Jeffrey Mittmans.” They are the young men and woman who decided to give up their personal freedoms because they believed in something greater than themselves and defend our Nation. 

Tragically, in this conflict some have made the ultimate sacrifice, some, like Jeff, have been severely wounded and some carry with them the hidden scars of war. 

This series isn’t just about Jeff –it’s about how wounded warriors like Jeff can make your agency that much more successful by virtue of their experience and the adversity they have faced and overcome. 

Jeff, and veterans like him, is a “force multiplier” –that is, an entity which exponentially raises the effectiveness of its unit. And that is exactly what you will hear from Jaime Charlson, DFAS Organizational Management Office Specialist. Jaime will tell you what wounded warriors like Jeff bring to the table. He will also tell you about the Federal Hiring and Federal Accommodation tools that agencies like DFAS use to bring in talent like Jeff.

It’s been ten years since 9/11. That means the majority of the Armed Forces have enlisted or re-enlisted during a time of war. They could have enjoyed the comforts of family and civilian life. Rather, they decided to pursue the profession of arms and defend our Nation. Now, as these wars scale down, it is our sacred duty to embrace and serve our Nation’s wounded warriors.

Major (ret) Arturo R. Murguia is a Special Assistant in the Office of the Secretary of Defense

Jeffrey Mittman, an Army veteran of 22 years, including four combat tours, was severely wounded when a roadside bomb blast caused injuries to his face, eyes and arm in 2005. While he completed his recovery and transition out of the Army, he earned one master’s degree and started another. He started speaking at events and on Capitol Hill and worked at the National Industries for the Blind.

This January, Jeffrey was hired through the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)“Hire a Hero Program.” The DFAS Hire a Hero Program is run by a specialized team dedicated to recruiting wounded warriors, expediting the hiring process and ensuring appropriate accommodations are available. 

“Veterans, like Jeff, bring skills to DFAS that we look for in all our employees—leadership, teamwork and mission-focus,” said Jaime Charlson, DFAS Organizational Management Office Specialist. “It is a win-win situation for DFAS and the veteran.”

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