Future of Returning US Troops by Tabinda Naeem

Future of Returning US Troops – Tabinda Naeem – Urdu VOA – After declaring the Iraq mission officially over, President Obama has reassured the men and women in US Military more than once that America will not forget their sacrifices. The senior Vice President of a nonprofit national US organization Volunteers of America Barbara Banaszynski says that their organization helps the war veterans to get accommodation and employment and that America has learnt from the Vietnam War that the returning soldiers need the most compassion and counseling help from their immediate family and both government and non-government organizations. She says, America will be focusing more on the strength based approach towards the returning US soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan (INT). However the CEO of the same organization’s Chesapeake office, Russell Snyder says that US economy is not presenting the ideal prospects for the returning US troops. There is not enough coordination between government and non-government organizations which are working for the welfare of war veterans, he says.(INT). More than 75 thousand homeless people in America today are the War Veterans. Tags:

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