Bernie Sanders a senator from Vermont says its time we fight back! I think its about time we take our country back, in a peaceful manner! What makes the United States of America a better place to live? its because we value our freedom so much, we can only be streched so far. I believe so, it is time we americans stand up and take back our freedom, our country! Right wingers (republicans) have one thing on their mind and that is to deregulate giving corporations and businesses more power, hence why our prices of Gas is so high; we all know why and who did that? George W Bush , thats right he started it and now Obama gets hell for fixing the mess.. well I for one am for Obama, Democrats don’t want to destroy unions and freedom. They don’t want to take away the middle class, Democrats are good!! So what do you say? We need to protest and kick these no good Republicans out of Congress!

Source: YouTube

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