The President in Alabama: “We’re Going to Make Sure that You’re Not Forgotten”

Ed. Note: Visit the FEMA blog to find ways to get assistance if you were affected by the recent storms.

The President stood with Alabama officials this afternoon to discuss what was clearly a sobering tour of Tuscaloosa:

Well, Michelle and I want to express, first of all, our deepest condolences to not just the city of Tuscaloosa but the state of Alabama and all the other states that have been affected by this unbelievable storm.  We just took a tour, and I’ve got to say I’ve never seen devastation like this.  It is heartbreaking.  We were just talking to some residents here who were lucky enough to escape alive, but have lost everything.  They mentioned that their neighbors had lost two of their grandchildren in the process.

There were stories like that not only all over town, but across the state and even the region, and the President praised the “resilience” of the people he had met even as they were surrounded by tragedy. He commended all the Alabama officials who have been working with the federal government and pledged that the work would continue well after the swarms of television cameras left:

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